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At Marvicani Diagnostic Laboratory, we understand that accurate and affordable medical diagnosis is the bedrock for building an inclusive and world class healthcare system. That is why we go all out to ensure that you get the most accurate and relaible diagnosis at the most reasonable cost.

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What We Offer

We offer a wide suite of diagnostic services ranging from simple pregnancy test to advanced ultrasound scan and haematological investigations.

Our Facilities

We believe that a scientist is as good as the tools he works with. That is why we provide our scientists with world class facilities to ensure that accurate diagnosis is guaranteed.  

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373 Oron Road, By Udo Udoma Traffic Light. Uyo, 520261, AKS, NG

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We Employ The Latest Research Technology & World Class Scientists

Research has shown that many of the mobidities and mortalities recorded in our healthcare system are a direct function of the suboptimal medical research and diagnostic technologies employed in most of our research and diagnostic facilities. For this reason, Marvicani Diagnostic Laboratory is armed with nothing short of the latest medical research technologies as well as some of the brightest scientists to ensure that nothing can go wrong with diagnosis and medical investigations conducted in its facility.

“For us at Marvicani, access to accurate and reliable medical diagnosis is everyone’s inalienable right. That is why we make this as affordable and convenient as we can”

Ambrose Ogwuche

Team Lead, Marvicani Diagnostic Laboratory

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Our Expertise

Apart from conducting a wide range of medical laboratory tests that meet the needs of the average patient, we go above and beyond to provide further medical investigative services to ensure that medical conditions are determined as precisely as possible. 



Bacteria are among the most pathogenic agents in Africa accounting of many of the hospitalizations recorded. For this reason, we pay particular attention to studying the various…


Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound scan takes away guess work from medical diagnosis allowing an accurate imaging of internal organs and structures. We provide a wide suite of ultrasound scan  from abdominal to prostrate.

Haematology Marvicani Pharmacy


As scientists, we understand that the blood holds vital information about a person’s state of health. That is why we specialize on performing accurate blood tests to precisely accertain a person’s health condition.

Why People Trust Us

Since inception, we have attended to an astonishing number of customers and by extension conducted an uncountable number of tests . This meteoric success has been fueled by the deep trust customers have on our service delivery. Here are a few reason why our customers trust us so much 

World Class Lab

The fact that our diagnostic facility has consistently been nothing short of world clas has endeared so many customers to us, many of whom have been referred to us by existing customers.

Unmatched Expertise

The utmost professionalism displayed by our staff in handling customers as well as samples has made Marvicani Laboratory a reference point for excellence in medical diagnostic services.

Accuracy of Diagnosis

The nightmare of having false diagnosis frustrate medical treatment is better imagined and our customers know this. That is why they patronize us being confident that we will always provide them nothing sort of accurate diagnosis

Highly Qualified Staff

Our consistent investment in regular staff training and retraining to equip our staff with best practices in medical diagnostic service has not gone unnoticed as many of our customers have repeated acknowledged the high quality of staff at our facility.

What People Say About Us

You don’t have to take our word for it. Hear what our happy clients have to say about our service delivery and form your opinion about us.

Imaobong Kufre Eyibio
Imaobong Eyibio

“Marvicani Diagnostic Laboratory is a one stop laboratory for anything medical test. What is actually most thrilling about their service is the fact that you can actually have them bring the service to your office. That way, you don’t have to leave your office.”

“For me, there are two reasons why Marvicani laboratory stands out among other labs. First, the accuracy of their test results is second to none. Second, the way they follow up on their customers is just exceptional. That's why I recommend them to my friends”
Edidiong utin
“My friend referred my to Marvicani towards when I was due for my first baby. Since then, I have been stuck with them for a number of reasons one of which is the great attention their lab staff pay to patients especially expectant mothers. Keep up the good work”
Nyeneime Okon
“From the very spacious and comfortable customers waiting lounge to the excellent and exceptional level of professionalism displayed by their staff, Marvicani Lab just stands out as the very best for me. I strongly recommend Marvicani to all.”
Kemudeme effiong

Marvicani Laboratory Team of Experts

Below is the team of experts who have made Marvicani Diagnostic Laboratories stand out among its peers and become a first choice for people seeking medical diagnostic services

Ambrose Ogwuche

Team Lead, Laboratory Services

Unyime Udofia

Senior Scientist

Mfon Etuk

Senior Scientist

Be Sure You're Always A Step Ahead Of Disease

A stitch in time we know saves nine. For most medical conditions, early detection has proven to be the best way to survive and recover. Ensure you’re always a step ahead of disease by availing yourselve the affordable and high quality diagnostic services offered by Marvicani Diagnostic Laboratory 

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373 Oron Road, By Udo Udoma Traffic Light. Uyo, 520261, AKS, NG

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